Jazz pianist can’t play the piano or hold his infant son after 8-person assault in NYC


Japanese Jazz Pianist Tadataka Unno Left Unable to Play the Piano or Hold Infant Son After Eight-Person Assault in New York

The renowned 40-year-old jazz pianist Tadataka Unno has been left unable to play the piano or hold his infant son, after an attack by eight people in New York.

This is de Blasio’s and Cuomo’s New York.

Yahoo Japan and Sanspo report Unno was attacked by eight people on September 27th, after leaving a subway station near his home.

One teenage boy attacked him near the ticket gate, and when he fled the others joined in the assault. Unno said one of them said something about “Chinese.”

No suspects have been arrested.

They didn’t take his money and was taken to the hospital. He had a broken collar bone and bruises on his head and body.

He said he can’t play the piano or hold his infant son.

A GoFundMe campaign for Unno (organized by close friend Jerome Jennings) raised almost $90,000 USD. The money will go towards “emergency medical bills, physical therapy, rent, utilities, groceries, mental health support (therapy), taxis, moving expenses (in order to move to a neighborhood where they feel safer), and childcare.”


The buffoons in New York City think that they will deal with the violence by asking those nice criminals to hand in their guns.

Maybe there is something in the water here. These people make no sense.


But don’t worry, the NYPD is now on the case of the Hassidic Jews who allegedly brutalized a liberal Jew reporter. They have video and if you watch the video, you will see one Hassid hit the reporter on the head with a hat – a hat – and a large number of Hassidic Jews cornering the guy. Big deal.

Ironically, it’s Hassidic Jews getting abused by criminals let loose by de Blasio and Cuomo. Nothing really is done about it.



  1. The Jews in the Warsaw Uprising didn’t go quietly. Not advocating anything just saying.
    Stalin stopped his army on the outskirts of Warsaw and let the notorious throat cutting SS Dirlewanger brigade eliminate them because he knew that they would be a thorn in his side.
    Did you know that Japan is one of three countries warning its citizens about traveling to America?
    Since they didn’t take his money you know that the motive was assault.
    Florida used to have a problem with rental car plates where jackers and criminals knew by the plates that they were foreign tourists with money, credit cards and travelers checks.

  2. The move to a safer neighborhood is a damn good idea. Should’ve thought of that sooner. NYC is turning into the 3rd world sh*thole it has always aspired to be in certain parts of the city.
    The ‘mayor’ Wilhelm is making sure of that with his continued ridiculous policies. Didn’t like that city when I had to go through it in the past. Won’t go near it now.
    The citizens will reap the harvest they have sown by voting in the lefties. Sad.

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