6.6 million unemployed & Dr. Fauci wants to wait until zero deaths


There were 6.648 million weekly jobless claims filed this week. It represents people who lost their jobs last week. The true numbers are likely much higher.

The country is in a standstill and this cannot continue. Funneling manufactured money into the system can’t substitute for jobs.

In a way, this is a fake depression since much of this can come back quickly.

We cannot wait until there are no new deaths for a period of time to we pull back on the lockdowns we now have in place. If we don’t have an economy and jobs for Americans, there will be suicides and other serious issues.

We need another approach. Dr. Fauci is great in so many ways, but he is an unelected bureaucrat who can’t be the final word. We need people like Dr. Smith who has another approach, more pragmatists, and we need an economist on that task force or at least someone who is pragmatic.

Americans are notorious for living paycheck to paycheck and so it goes with many small businesses.

Some of these jobs will not come back and it will take time to recover. The longer this goes on, the more difficult it will be.

We shouldn’t go until April 30th and certainly not later with this shutdown.

Dr. Fauci would like to wait until there are zero deaths for a period of time and keeps talking about the ultimate, which is the vaccine. That is true, but we need to just have these precautions for the people at high risk, not everyone. He might not mean this full lockdown, that isn’t clear.

What he doesn’t put much hope on is the medicines that can cure people. Those are possibilities.

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