6 men are charged with conspiracy in the Capitol riot, only 1 went into the building


Six men, members of the Three Percenters, were indicted for conspiracy for their roles in the Capitol riot of January 6th. Five of the six didn’t even go into the Capitol and one crawled through an already broken window.

The charges include conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of an official proceeding and aiding and abetting, obstruction of law enforcement during civil disorder and aiding and abetting, entering and remaining in restricted building or grounds.

Two of the men indicted, Alan Hostetter and Russell Taylor, of Orange County were condemned for organizing a Virginia for Trump rally held outside the Supreme Court on Jan.5.

The indictment also suggested Hostetter was dangerous in part because he founded the American Phoenix Project to oppose government-mandated Covid restrictions.

Politico reported that two other large conspiracy cases focus on groups known as the Proud Boys and the Oathkeepers that allegedly stormed the Capitol building. However, in this case, only one of those charged is accused of actually entering the Capitol. Instead, prosecutors allege that the remainder crossed police lines and went onto the Capitol’s upper west terrace.


The four other men charged in the new indictment — Erik Warner, Felipe Martinez, Derek Kinnison and Ronald Mele — traveled to Washington in a rented SUV after organizing in another Telegram chat labeled as the “California Patriots-DC Brigade,” according to prosecutors. Before departing for Washington, the four men posed for a photo flashing a hand sign associated with a Three Percenter group, the indictment alleges.

They sounded wired up, picturing themselves as freedom fighters. They took selfies and had radios and earpieces for communication. One talked of breaching the doors but mostly they talked about justice for their opponents, meaning long prison terms.

They rallied the day before and that seems to have landed at least one the “dangerous” label.

This is a sample of one message they exchanged on Telegram:

It reminded us of Loretta Lynch calling for blood and death in the streets (a call to Antifa and BLM no doubt):

“It has been people, individuals who have banded together, ordinary people who simply saw what needed to be done and came together and supported those ideals who have made the difference. They’ve marched, they’ve bled and yes, some of them died. This is hard. Every good thing is. We have done this before. We can do this again.”

In one selfie, there was a photo of a stun baton, a knife, and two hachets, and some defensive attire on a bed in their hotel room, including a note with one claiming he was preparing for the 6th. One of the men indicted appeared to carry a knife and another had the stun baton the next day at the Capitol.

There is no evidence that they used them.

At least one of the six said, “Move forward Americans,” as people charged the Capitol. One shouted, “Insurrection.”

That’s the worst of it so far.

But five never trespassed in the Capitol.


Basically, they are charged with enough crimes to go to prison for decades because they:

  • organized a rally the day before,
  • one man angrily bellowed during the charge as part of his free speech rights,
  • Five didn’t go into the Capitol and one went into the Capitol,
  • one had a knife and another had a stun baton, they did not use insofar as we know,
  • “Insurrection,” one screamed, also part of his free speech rights,
  • of the six, one was opposed to lockdowns and joined an anti-lockdown group,
  • they communicated with radios,
  • and they bloviated in notes they sent to each other on Telegram.



  1. Great. Now their legal team can demand discovery items. A nice start will be 14000 hours of security tape from Capitol PoPo.

    • That’s just from the 6th and it’s closer to 40,000 hours. You want to see from the days before when they were giving antifa tours and practicing the false flag. That’s what they are really hiding.

  2. This federally sponsored distraction is unfortunately infringing and stomping on thier unalienable rights.
    Hopefully as the truth continues filtering out from this DNC-Biden miasma, justice will prevail. Court hearing for an innocent murdered inside a Government building then 250+ cities were people were attacked and bonfires set on the city avenues and business’s burned to cinders and ash. We can and will wait, because that day will unviel itself shortly.

  3. We are seeing a take over of the Federal Government by Communist Democrats totally aligned with the CCP. You only have to look at the Government’s Actions to see this. The event of 6 January was for the most part a False Flag operation as cover for the Government going after The People – America’s Patriots. No matter what the results of the 2022 Election, plan on a Civil War starting on 9 November 2022. If there are fair elections and the Communist are defeated at the polls, there will be coordinated rioting and the Government will try to use the Military to get control. I suspect the Military will side with The People. If the Communist Steal another Election, that will most likely be the last straw for Patriots and their Guerrilla War will be far more dangerous for every “Proud Democrat” because all Democrats will be considered Communist by then. The Militias are a lot smarter than Government and will simply target Big Blue City infrastructure and supply lines taking out virtually all support for the Communist Government. Small 6 man teams can do an awful lot of destruction with just a little knowledge. We saw what a few hackers did to the East Coast oil supply. Physical attacks on infrastructure would be far more devastating and less than 1% of Americans are prepared to deal with a Civil War and infrastructure destruction.

    Modern Society is far too interdependent. The Government thinks that by going after people in a kangaroo court they will make Militias think twice, but the result will be Militias going deep underground. Expect a push to confiscate guns soon, but most of the Militia’s “artillery” is already hidden. This is why the Government is now concerned with “home made” guns, they simply don’t know how many millions of those weapons are out there. Communist Democrat Kangaroo Courts are just going to make the RESET much worse! Washington DC and the Beltway are totally out of touch with 75,000,000 Adult Americans. By my count 20 million votes in 2020 were fraudulent which means the Communist and their supporters, mostly losers, are in the minority and significantly out numbered. Add to that, almost 60% of Democrats are women who will stand around and watch during a Civil War. In General, Liberals are cowards once the bullets start to fly. Most of us in the Heartland will just protect our communities because we know the Government can’t protect The People.

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