60-70 Bush Republicans leave the party! Okay, bye then


Globalist Bush-era Republicans have had it with “America First.”  Too many Republicans are sticking with President Trump and the MAGA movement. The Bushites call ‘America First’ a ‘Trump cult.’ They are probably reacting more to the QAnon sector, but John McCain once gave a speech at Annapolis claiming ‘America First,’ was despicable.

Alas, they are leaving the Republican Party.  They will be missed by no MAGA ever.

Reuters says dozens of Republicans in former President George W. Bush’s administration are leaving the party.

They thought the party would move on from DJT, and say they no longer recognize the party. Some have become independents.

Kristopher Purcell said roughly 60 to 70 former Bush officials have left the party or are cutting ties. He worked in the Bush White House’s communications office for six years.

Ronna McDaniel, the RNC Chair, believes they will eventually return. “They have to” come together against the Democrats, she said.

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1 year ago

Looks to be that forming a new political party will be unnecessary. The globalists are leaving the republican party.

1 year ago

We need to flush out all the RINOs. If you’re not for America First, then you really aren’t an American. Are You?

Copperhead Road
Copperhead Road
1 year ago

They aren’t loyal to anything or anyone.
That’s how “cosmopolitan” globalist world citizens roll.
Moving on to the next place to loot will occur after America is picked clean.
That time may come sooner than they would like but (s)elections do have consequences.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Who cares what Reuters says? These junk sources will make any kind of noise to discredit pro-American policies. Those people who supposedly left were never with us.

The party needs a purge of the “leadership”. Ryan protege McCarthy, and China Mitch, both blamed Trump for starting an insurrection, and neither one criticizes next week’s “trial”.

A decent story would be that republicans like me will support only MAGA candidates in the future. We no longer look to the party for anything. Instead, Reuters publishes junk.