60 Dem lawmakers try Pope shaming over abortion


President Biden was asked Friday about a potential new Catholic guideline that would recommend banning pro-choice politicians, like himself, from receiving communion.

“That’s a private matter and I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Biden, 78, said Friday when asked if he was concerned about the measure and whether it signaled a rift in the Catholic church.

The media still claims Biden is a devout Catholic.

Sixty ‘Catholic’ Democrats in the US House of Representatives tried to shame Pope Francis because they want to freely kill unborn babies until the moment of birth. The so-called Catholics think the bishops have no right to say killers of the unborn can’t receive communion. They were thinking of people like Joe Biden, of course.

There is the issue of gay marriage as well.

Why don’t these losers just join another church? Most churches now support the killing of the unborn. That’s how sick this ‘civilization’ is.

They call their diatribe a “statement of principles.” Do they know the definition of principles? They are violating core principles of the Catholic Church.

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