Missouri passes a pro-2nd Amendment law that raises the DoJ hackles


We’re back to the Obama-era tactic of picking off states one-by-one.  Biden’s upset about a new law signed by Missouri Gov Mike Parsons, a Republican. The bill is called the “Second Amendment Preservation Act,” and it prevents local police from assisting federal agents in enforcing federal firearms laws.

“The Second Amendment Preservation Act is about protecting law-abiding Missourians against government overreach and unconstitutional federal mandates,” Parsons wrote in a letter to the Justice Department.

“We will reject any attempt by the federal government to circumvent the fundamental right Missourians have to keep and bear arms to protect themselves and their property. Throughout my career, I have always stood for the Constitution and our Second Amendment rights, and that will not change today or any day,” he added.

Bidenistas don’t like it when the tables are reversed. They’re fine when locales refuse to help government officials capture illegal alien felons.

Fox News reports:

In a letter sent Wednesday night and obtained by The Associated Press, Justice officials said the U.S. Constitution’s Supremacy Clause outweighs the measure that Parson signed into law Saturday. The new rules penalize local police departments if their officers enforce federal gun laws.

Boynton said the law threatens to disrupt the working relationship between federal and local authorities, they said in the letter, noting that Missouri receives federal grants and technical assistance.

“The public safety of the people of the United States and citizens of Missouri is paramount,” Boynton wrote in the letter.

The Democrat DoJ cares about the Constitution when it suits its purpose. Missouri knows about the Supremacy Clause and they obviously don’t give a hoot.

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