60 Minutes Interview: MTG on Democrats As Pedophiles


The Left has gone completely bonkers over Sixty Minutes interviewing Marjorie Taylor Greene. They so want to silence everyone they find disagreeable. They needn’t have worried. Stahl did her best to favor their side.

During Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (aka MTG) unfriendly interview with Lesley Stahl, you’ll find Stahl framing questions extensively from her point of view as a left-wing reporter. Also, the voiceover narratives only benefitted the Left.  At one point, Stahl wanted her to apologize to Nancy Pelosi for something she never said. We’re still waiting for Lesley to apologize to Donald Trump for saying there wasn’t any proof the Left spied on his campaign.

In any case, while you might disagree with MTG, she answers the questions without hesitation. The most interesting answer for many might be when MTG responds to Lesley Stahl’s question about calling Democrats ‘pedophiles.’


Stahl noted some of the names MTG is called, such as “looney tunes,  Q nut, unhinged, moron…pretty ugly stuff.”

Greene said it doesn’t bother her. “It looks like the average troll in my Twitter feed, so I don’t really care. Name-calling doesn’t bother me or offend me.”

Stahl asked her how much she styled herself after Donald Trump. She said people call her ‘Donald Trump in heels.’ MTG said she didn’t but has a lot in common.

“I didn’t intentionally style myself after President Trump, but I can see how people draw those similarities. We both come from the same industry, construction. I also have pretty much a plain-speaking style, and so does he.”

Stahl said she’s also in attack mode, and “many consider Marjorie Taylor Green’s behavior outlandish, even thuggish. MAGA activists and right-wing media eat it up…”


There were also voiceovers by Stahl, again framing it from her viewpoint, always reflecting negatively on MTG and MAGAs [as she refers to Trump supporters].

In this voiceover, Stahl says, “In just two years, Greene, at age 48, has moved from the fringe of the party to the front row…without changing either her style or her views on an issue.”

Greene said, “When I’m outspoken about it, and I take my stand…the first reaction is Marjorie’s crazy, Marjorie’s extreme, Marjorie’s a right-wing extremist. And then what will happen is my colleagues will go back home to their district, and their own constituents are coming up and saying, ‘Are you supporting Marjorie? Do you agree with Marjorie? Have you cosponsored Marjorie’s bill?’ And then they find out, ‘oh, maybe she’s not crazy,’ and then they end up agreeing with me.”


During the interview, Stahl wanted MTG to blame Trump for the economic and financial catastrophe we face with $31 trillion in debt. MTG didn’t blame Trump but said a president has little power over it.

She also agreed the government must not go into default and doesn’t want taxes raised. MTG called for cuts in COVID bailout money and some climate initiatives.

Stahl said she chased after a “survivor of the Parkland Florida school shooting.” [I don’t know who she meant, but it might have been David Hogg; the man was not a survivor and appeared after the shootings. Hogg rants about taking guns away on social media, but his family owns guns.]

The framing seemed to be an attempt to make her and the conservatives look bad. You can watch and decide who came out on top.


Next up was MTG calling Democrats “pedophiles.” Mrs. Greene stuck with that one. Her view is if they’re supporting the grooming of children, transgender surgeries, and sexualized activities for children, that’s “what pedophiles do to children.”

“Wow, OK,” Stahl said, “but my question really is, can’t you fight for what you believe in without all that name-calling and without the personal attacks?”

“Well, I would ask the same question to the other side because all they’ve done is call me names and insult me nonstop since I’ve been here, Lesley. They call me ‘racist.’ They call me ‘anti-Semitic,’ which is not true. I’m not calling anyone names. I’m calling out the truth basically.”


MTG does believe the 2020 election was stolen, she’s divorced, and she is worth $11 million. She also listened to right-wing radio with her “arch-conservative” father. [Guessing it was Rush!]

Greene discussed her family’s struggles to get the construction business going and talked about people dredging up outdated information – namely Stahl, who was dredging.

MTG wants a Christian government and continues as a fervent supporter of Donald Trump. She does not support the Ukraine war since they are not our 51st state.

Pfizer sponsored the program.

via ’60 Minutes’

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