60% of Democrats Really Like Socialism [Communism]


Majorities of Republicans and Democrats have positive opinions of capitalism, but Republicans rate it higher. Seven in 10 Republicans and Republican leaners have viewed capitalism positively since 2010, but only about half of Democrats have done so.

This year, 72% of Republicans and 52% of Democrats have a positive image of capitalism.

When it comes to socialism, 14% of Republicans and 65% of Democrats have a positive image of it.

Democrats’ opinions of socialism have gotten slightly more positive over the years, moving from 53% in 2010 and 2012 to over 60% in the past two surveys.

Republicans have become slightly less positive toward socialism than they were in the initial surveys.

Since 2018, Democrats have rated socialism more positively than they have rated capitalism. Before that, they held similar views of the two economic systems.

Americans’ opinions of capitalism have generally been stable over the past decade, with around six in 10 having a positive view of capitalism and slightly fewer than four in 10 having a positive view of socialism. Democrats view both economic systems favorably but have become more positive toward socialism than capitalism.

Recent Gallup research found that Americans, particularly Democrats, are most likely to think of socialism in terms of equality and government provision of benefits and services.

When Gallup polled Americans on the meaning of socialism in 1949, the largest proportion described it in the traditional sense as government ownership of the means of economic production. Thus, the meaning of the term to Americans is evolving, but most still view it negatively.


Most polls come out with similar results. This poll was taken earlier this year.

A 2019 Harris poll for “Axios on HBO” found that socialism is gaining popularity: 4 in 10 Americans say they would prefer living in a socialist country over a capitalist one. It’s because Americans don’t know history, especially Soviet history.
  1. Universal healthcare: 76%
  2. Tuition-free education: 72%
  3. Living wage: 68%
  4. State-controlled economy: 66%
  5. State control and regulation of private property: 61%
  6. High taxes for the rich: 60%
  7. State-controlled media and communication: 57%
  8. Strong environmental regulations: 56%
  9. High public spending: 55%
  10. Government ’’democratizes’’ private businesses — that is, gives workers control over them — to the greatest extent possible: 52%
  11. System dependent on dictatorship: 49%
  12. Workers own and control their places of employment: 48%
  13. “Democratically-elected” government: 46% [FACT: Once the thugs have power, the elections are rigged, and once people have freebies, they won’t give them up.]

According to the Harris Poll, 55% of women prefer socialsim.

Consider those the planks of the New Democrat Party and compare them to the Communist Manifesto — they are the same.

There is nothing American about any of this. It’s communism. Call it socialism euphemistically but the only difference between the two is five to ten years. It’s theft, not based on goodness, but based on the politics of envy, hate, and greed.

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