60% of Dems are not ‘happy’ Trump has COV, 40% are ‘happy’ & ‘excited’


A Morning Consult poll asking for Americans’ reactions to Trump coming down with COVID showed that while a majority of Republicans are “sad” and “worried,” a plurality of Democrats either don’t care or are “happy.”

‘Surprised’ and ‘worried’ best describe voters’ feelings in wake of diagnosis: However, Republicans and Democrats’ top emotions vary dramatically. Republicans report being “sad” (55 percent) and “worried” (51 percent); Democrats are “indifferent” (41 percent) and “happy” (40 percent).

They’re “excited” at the prospect too. We know from their posts, that some famous blue checks are also wishing him dead.

Sadly, 14% of Republicans are “happy” or “somewhat happy.”

Well, at least 60% of Democrats and 86% of Republicans are not happy.

Let’s face facts. Trump wants to follow our rule of law and keep the Republic intact but he doesn’t always convey his thoughts well. Democrats, on the other hand, want socialism/communism but they have the media and they will give away a lot of free stuff. To do it they steal from those evil rich people with a wealth tax. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough rich people.

Biden knows that and is starting out by adding 4 trillion in taxes on the middle class by eliminating Trump’s tax cuts.

One of those “happy” Democrats showed up outside Walter Reed yesterday, chanting, “Wah wah your leader’s gonna die.” When karma gets her, she won’t be chanting.


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