60% of Voters Cast Ballots for Republicans, a Democrat Won in Alaska


Ranked Choice voting is a scam meant to confuse the voters and get Democrats elected. It was pushed into Alaska with the help of Lisa Murkowski as she tries desperately to keep her Senate seat.

They use a similar process in California and Maine. Republicans can’t win. More Democrats run.

Alaskans combined an all-in ranked-choice voting in the general election. That so-called modern “innovation” on elections in Alaska produced this bizarre result, in which Republicans lost a House seat despite getting 60% of the vote.

It cost Sarah Palin a seat.

It will happen again in two months.

“Ranked-choice voting is a scam to rig elections,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) tweeted after results from Alaska’s special election showed Peltola won Wednesday. “60% of Alaska voters voted for a Republican, but thanks to a convoluted process and ballot exhaustion—which disenfranchises voters—a Democrat ‘won.’”

Republican National Committee (RNC) national press secretary Emma Vaughn said in a statement that the Alaska special election results “prove what we’ve known all along — ranked-choice voting disenfranchises voters.”

“Our Republican nominees earned nearly 60% of Alaskans’ votes on the ballot, and now every single one of those voters lost their voice to choose their representative in Congress. Alaskans deserve an equal and fair process, two things this special election were not,” Vaughn said.

Republicans have to pick a second choice Republican if they want the Republican to win.


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