Another Swatting on Steve Bannon While On Air


Another swatting report of an active shooter occurred at Steve Bannon’s home while he was live on his show at 7:17 pm on Thursday. He was talking to Marjorie Taylor Greene, who was swatted twice.

This is the second swatting report in two months.

Steve Bannon, who survived another swatting

Swatting is a serious crime that could end up in someone’s death. That is what they want. Hopefully, the police are looking for the culprits.

An ambulance and fire truck arrived at the home when they could have handled real emergencies.

The Daily Mail added a report that Bannon was floating a bizarre plan to get Donald Trump reinstated as president. However, that isn’t just cause for swatters to break the law to get him killed. Perhaps the two issues should be separated when reporters post their articles. The media did something similar to Marjorie Taylor Greene when she was swatted with no condemnation of the swatting.

Last I heard, you can have any ideas you want.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

The nazis were known for this type of threat against any citizenry who was not already killed or imprisoned who spoke out exposing the vile monsters lurking about. The democrat party was built upon these very same actions against others and found other abusive lowlifes in the form of liberals to engage such things. (documented) history doesn’t lie regardless of how much scrubbing and denying the evil-doers try to do.

1 year ago

When someone does get killed Democrats will be dancing in the streets. Democrats are sick puppies!