600 variant COV cases in the US, 4,000 worldwide


Bloomberg claims it will take seven years to get back to normal due to the China virus from Wuhan, China. That should give them enough time to destroy the economy and make us all slaves to the government. To complicate matters, the COV virus has mutated at least 4,000 times worldwide, and 600 of those variants are here in the United States.

Democrats aren’t blaming China. In fact, they’re sidling up to them.

The CDC reported that 611 reported cases of COVID-19 stem from the UK variant known as B.1.1.7, while 5 cases stem from the South African variant known as B.1.351. An additional 2 cases stem from the Brazilian variant known as P.1.

The UK will have a vaccine for their variant in about 40 days.

Of the 611 cases from the UK strain, 187 have been reported in Florida, while 145 have been reported in California, according to the data from the CDC.

They’re going to need a lot of boosters for those vaccines. Meanwhile, Biden is dithering and not getting the vaccines out. At the same time, he’s opening our borders to people who come from areas overwhelmed with the virus.

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