60K Passed Through Panama’s Terrorist Portal


As previously reported, Panama’s foreign minister recently warned the United States that as many as 60,000 migrants, mostly Haitians who were living in Central and South America, are headed to the U.S.-Mexico border.

In addition to the 95,000 illegal aliens at the Guatemala border (many of whom are Haitian), we have at least 60,000 coming through the terrorist portal of Panama. There are tens of thousands more pouring in all across the border minute by minute.

Are you ready? It’s four times what we saw at the bridge in Del Rio.

If you find it odd to see foreign nationals from the Caribbean migrating through South America, you would be right. Most of these migrants have not lived in Haiti for many years. As a consequence of the 2010 earthquake, many of these Haitians traveled to Brazil and Chile, where they have been residing for years. Contrary to the mainstream media narrative, the current conditions in Haiti are not the driving factor behind the migrant border crisis.

According to interviews NPR conducted with Haitian migrants, many of them believe now is a good time to migrate to the United States, given that President Biden has opened up the border. One migrant named Noel, who spent the last five years working in Brazil, said, “Donald Trump lost the election so I’m giving it a try.”

DHS has not allowed the release of the illegal border crossings in September as of today.

This is the third warning. Panama officials are finding terrorists in the group. It’s a popular route for terrorists.

Panama sent out an urgent warning to the Biden administration in July about terrorists pouring in to get to the United States at the time. Terrorists are entering Panama so they can blend in with migrants — illegal aliens. Socialist Democrats in the US do not care or they would close the borders.

“Members of terrorist organizations and sanctioned parties have found their way into Panama, where they are not permitted to enter in the first place,” Panama Minister of Foreign Affairs Erika Mouynes wrote for Foreign Policy magazine. “Panama’s biometric identification measures have recognized and detained individuals linked to extremist groups attempting to pass through the country with migrants.”


Then we have the transnational drug organizations bringing over tons of fentanyl, which is cheaper than heroin, but far more dangerous. It doesn’t just hook people immediately, it can kill immediately.

Authorities have seized more than 10 million pills this year.

According to the US Sentencing Commission, since 2015, the number of fentanyl off3enders reported to the commission more than doubled each fiscal year. It resulted in a 3,592 increase from 24 to 886 offenders. See where we’re going under Joe? Watch:

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