62% of Iowa precincts posted, Buttigieg & Sanders lead, Biden ignored


The Iowa Democratic Party on Tuesday released partial results from Monday night’s caucus. Troy Price, the Chair of the Iowa Democrat Party said the error was caused by a “coding issue.”

The partial results are from each of the state’s 99 counties but are inconclusive. They show Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders at the front of the pack, although that could change when all the votes are in, NBC News reported.

There is no timeline for the rest of the results!

Price assured Iowans they “have a process in place.” The results do not include Joe Biden. They are ignoring him completely.

The candidates who campaigned in Iowa included: Former Vice President Joe Biden; Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.; Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass; former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg; Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.; entrepreneur Andrew Yang; and billionaire businessman Tom Steyer.

This lineup is based on delegates alone. It’s meaningless.


At an event in Manchester, New Hampshire, Buttigieg touched on Iowa, continued to claim, with no results, an apparent victory.

“The hope that propelled me into this campaign is vindicated every day,” he said. “It was vindicated in a big way last night when we had a chance to quiet those questions of whether we belong in this effort in the first place.”

Sanders criticized Buttigieg for what he described as a victory speech.

“I don’t know how anybody declares victory before you have an official statement as to election results, so we’re not declaring victory,” Sanders said. “As of now, I think we’re in quite good shape.”

We agree!

Bernie is frustrated with the disastrous process.

“I think we should all be disappointed in the inability of the party to come up with timely results but we are not casting aspirations on the voted that are being counted,” he said. “There’s no excuse for not having results last night but that doesn’t mean to say that the totals that come in will be inaccurate.”

He added, “I think this is not a good night for Democracy.”

Warren criticized Iowa Democratic officials over the partial data release.

“I just don’t understand what that means to release half of the data,” she said. So, I think they ought to get it together and release all of the data. That’s what we need.”


Did you notice we are not hearing about Joe Biden? He appears to have failed to meet the low threshold for any delegates with about 15% of the vote, according to candidates’ internal reporting. No one in the media is reporting about Joe. And the media wonders how conspiracy theories start.

The results only reflect some of the results of the 62 percent of the precincts. It’s not enough to be sure of who won, but it is an indication of the views in general.

Media is now reporting Buttigieg is leading, but only 62% of the precincts are reporting and he is in a dead heat with Sanders. They aren’t even mentioning that key fact. Why? It’s awfully convenient since they don’t want to declare Bernie a winner! It takes momentum away from Bernie.

You can’t report Buttigieg is the leader with so many unknowns. This is ridiculous.

Where are Biden’s results??? They seem to want to avoid reporting his low polling. It seems like they are trying to engineer the election, not to be conspiratorial. It just seems like that.

This is a circus!

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