69% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s withdrawal, a whopping 39.8% Dems approve


A survey of 1084 respondents polled on August 14 and 15 by the Trafalgar Group found that over 69% of Americans, who are likely voters, disapprove of Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal. Another 23.1% approve.

However, just under 40% of Democrats strongly approve or approve of his handling.

The actual question was, “What best describes how you feel about how President Biden is handling US military operations in Afghanistan?”

23% approve, including the 39.8% of Democrats.

How is it even possible that nearly 40% of Democrats think Biden is doing a good job? Maybe we could arrange a prisoner swap – Dems for stranded Americans. They could form their own little tribe over there. They like tribes – race tribes, gender tribes, clean air and water tribes, and so on. Al Sharpton could be in charge of race relations. Zuckerberg and Dorsey could censor everything except the terrorists, of course. The idea has a lot of potential.


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Rebel Extravaganza
Rebel Extravaganza
9 months ago

The Taliban mocked Fakebook and Big Tech Bolsheviks regarding freedom of speech.
You want freedom of speech, ask Fakebook said the spokesman.
Give up on dem dullard true believers and they won’t wake up until the suburban back yard gets a house for the replacements or the patchouli potpourri scented empty nest gets some new CPUSA houseguests.
Even then I doubt that they will wake up but will instead due some tremendous mental gymnastics to justify it.

9 months ago

This Poll confirms that 23% of Americans and 40% of Democrats are total MORONS. That makes them Dangerous! We have seen the enemies of America, and the most Dangerous are Stupid Democrats.