69-year-old who was ushered in by police now faces charges in 1-6 protest


A 69-year-old woman who works for Los Angeles County was tracked down, and her home staked out. Lois Lynn McNicoll was arrested and charged with “knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.”

No evidence was presented of her being “disorderly” or “violent.” She walked around the Capitol according to all reports.

The FBI made a mistake and posted a photo of her entering the Capitol, one of the thousands of photos and videos they have refused to release. A US Capitol Police Officer held the door for her to enter and made no effort to prevent her from entering.

Politico’s Ryan Reilly reported the arrest but never even mentioned that she was ushered in by the officer. This Stalinist arrest is fine with Politico.

The FBI, which concealed evidence of the coup against a president of the United States, is tracking down everyone inside and many outside the Capitol on January 6th to make it seem as if the ‘riot/protest’ truly was an insurrection.

McNichol is a most unlikely insurrectionist.



  1. All the videos I had seen didn’t really show the tear-gas attacks until this one. From this vantage point I’d say it was uncalled for. It’s a damn good way to provoke a crowd, and maybe that was the goal. For a year we saw police “bow-down”, on their knees to leftists and go after the right. It was the same way in December. Police took a heavy-handed approach to the demonstrators from the right and allowed Antifa to “do their thing”. It started with Portland shortly after Trump’s election where the police would stand idly by against leftist mobs, but when anyone from the right engaged it was hands-on by the police. Does anyone believe you’ll find many “conservative” cops in a leftist city. The evidence shows otherwise. Fortunately I do Not live in one of those communities. When a leftist mob came across state lines to harass a residential area the cops quickly showed up and arrested the leader and she and her ilk haven’t been back since.

  2. The Main sewer Stream fake Media are virtually and literally “pimps” for the scumbags in charge…as they engage in Political Pornography in their, so called, reporting(?)…

  3. The corrupt MSM’s audience are to stupid to realize that what they, the MSM, were falsely ‘preaching’ about D.J. Trump, IS what the PRESENT administration is ACTUALLY DOING.

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