General Milley’s record of abysmal failure is why he’s gone WOKE


Ben Domenech, the co-founder, and publisher of The Federalist took over for Laura Ingraham last night and gave an excellent, well-researched summary of the performance of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley.

As he said, Milley’s many errors, for which he never paid a price demonstrated a “profound blundering, a persistent misunderstanding of national interests and a dangerous willingness to politicize the Army of the United States.”

Domenech named a few.

General Mark Milley presided over the daily rollout of the Army Combat Fitness Test which was a misguided effort to compel the entire army to do CrossFit.  He ignored numerous voices who told him not to implement the new test. The ACFT is now a byword for leadership myopia.

He tried to stonewall a report on the army’s performance in the Iraq War to keep the army’s mistakes from being aired.  He only relented after public pressure that “never should have been necessary.”

Milley presided over a historic recruiting crisis.

The General will likely preside over the military’s defeat in Afghanistan, and aiding in the fall of Kabul to The Taliban, and the massacres thereafter.

Milley undermined the constitutional authority of the President following the infamous clearance of Lafayette Square which we know had nothing to do with the President. It was preplanned. Yet, Milley came out and apologized for standing next to the President despite knowing the truth.

Our leader of the Joint Chiefs oversaw and defended the failed and slow response of the National Guard to protect the Capitol on January 6th.  He claimed the response was “super-fast and sprint-speed.” It earned him the derision of the Speaker of the House.

This should have sent him out the door but as a DC swamp critter, as long as one stays in the good graces of the right people, the person keeps climbing the ladder.

Look at the generals and admirals with planes that don’t quite work and the accidents of the 7th fleet. There are many just like him or worse.

Now they are pushing a far-left agenda of Critical Race Theory instead of properly concentrating on an improved army.

When Milley claimed he was “offended” by being called “woke,” he was merely putting on a show.

Watch this brief clip:

JD Vance appeared after Domenech’s monologue and said the problem with Milley hasn’t won a war in his entire time in service because of his leadership as a stooge for DC.

Generals are assessed on political measures, not competence. The ‘white rage‘ rants are telling people who are justifiably angry to just shut up. Generals are covering up their failures.

Instead of parroting the talking points of the left, they should do a better job or shut up.

The military hasn’t won a war in three decades.

Vance makes a great point here:

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
1 year ago

This man and his ilk, including some of the men DJT picked, are all part of the Military Industrial complex and as long as we’re in wars the get rich. Being a veteran I have very little faith in our military leaders along with the civilian leaders of all the alphabet agencies. They have all been infested by this left wing socialist Marxist scourge. It’s time that the silent majority wake up.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago


1 year ago

President Trump should have unceremoniously fired Gen. Milley.

Trotsky's Icepick
Trotsky's Icepick
1 year ago

Sobama’s job was to gut the military as part of the Fundamental Transformation into Chiquitastan.
External fellow traveler comrades will let the CPUSA/CCP fifth column do all the heavy lifting but they will erase a carrier group from existence or make a CPUSA city vanish in a 7500 degree mushroom cloud.
WAR is about victory or GTFO. Survival is victory and defeat is not an option.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Nowhere in this government, in the executive, legislative or judicial branches, is there a competent honest leader. The nation is failing fast. Milley is the Fauci of the military.