70% of 2019 NYC shootings went unsolved under bad policies


Nearly 70 percent of New York City’s shootings last year are unsolved. More than half of the suspects arrested in the shootings are back out on the streets, The NY Post has learned. The message to criminals in New York City is that a criminal using a gun illegally has a good chance of never paying the price.

Police arrested a suspect or suspects in 544 of the 1,525 shootings in 2020, a clearance rate of 31.7 percent, according to NYPD data through Dec. 29. Since more than half are back on the streets, perhaps gun policies should focus on them instead of legal and lawful gun owners.

Criminals get to use guns lawlessly while Democrats attempt to take guns from innocent gun owners.

Another problem is police are spending inordinate amounts of time protecting a Black Lives Matter mural and rounding up COVID rule breakers.

One of the worst problems facing prosecutors is uncooperative witnesses. Last year, Cuomo and his rubber stamp lawmakers passed laws forcing prosecutors to turn over witness identities to defense attorneys.

Commissioner Dermot Shea sees it as a problem.

“We go to court, and the first thing the district attorney says is, ‘I have to tell you this: I’m going to try to protect your identity, but I cannot protect your identity guaranteed,’” said Shea. “And people literally stand up and walk out of the district attorney’s office.”

Shootings in NYC are up 96 percent over 2019.

Department officials blame the stunning surge in shootings on the mass release of inmates from jails and prisons. They also blame new laws that no longer require bail.

Critics say the police aren’t working as hard, and morale is low due to rioting and calls to defund them amid large cuts. There is no evidence that the police aren’t working as hard.

The disbanding of the city’s anti-crime unit, which consisted of 600 plainclothes officers who scoured the streets to seize guns, helped lead to the rise. They were very effective.

In the two months after the NYPD disbanded the unit and reassigned the 600 officers in mid-July, shootings soared 205 percent.

Democrats want to take guns away from law-abiding citizens but criminals? Not so much.

Democrats facilitated the violence in large cities. Now that President Trump is leaving office, even the Mayor of Portland is naming the communists destroying Portland and saying he will add tools and push the limit of tools used to fight the violence.

The violence was the tool. As we see in New York, the leftist policies enabled the violence, and it was used as a political weapon.

The crime wave was weaponized in some cases with little regard for its victims.


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