80 Charges Dropped Against Gym Owners Who Wouldn’t Close


Ian Smith refused to close his Camden County gym during the destruction of small businesses caused by the pandemic mandates. The court dropped the case after 80 citations and violations of the Governor’s order, and it cannot be refiled. They won; Murphy lost.

Atilis Gym

4 years ago today, we reopened Atilis Gym in direct violation of an unconstitutional order by Governor Philip Murphy to close small businesses in New Jersey.

The support we received locally, nationally, and internationally for our stand is something I will be forever grateful for.

With that being said, I am thrilled to announce that we have achieved a major victory in the long, hard fight against the State.

ALL OF THE 80+ municipal citations of violations of a governor’s order, public nuisance, disturbing the peace, and operating without a license against us have been dropped by the courts WITH prejudice. This means the State has NO ability to revist or refile these charges.

The Battlefield is open.

This victory opens the battlefield again and gives us options to continue to push back and bring justice to the treasonous actions of Phil Murphy and his lackeys.

Again, thank you to all who supported us. We could not have done it without you.

Special thanks to our fearless attorneys – John McCann and Giancarlo Ghione. Some of the most high profile attorneys around the country ran from our case – knowing it would be a long, hard road and would make them a target of the stare. These two gentlemen stood with us through the darkest days of the storm, have not flinched, and never once cared about being in front of cameras to gain notoriety from their work.

Nobody is coming to save you; save yourself. Spit on your hands and hoist the black flag. No quarter. He ended by insulting Gov. Phil Murphy, and will provide updates.

The Tale of Civil Disobedience in Gov. Murphy’s Blue NJ

We followed the tale of the owners of Atilis Gym, Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti, in New Jersey. They refused to shut down the gym during COVID.

Murphy and his minions arbitrarily decided which businesses were essential or nonessential. They forced businesses to close based on their shaky premises.

They repeatedly opened despite summonses, arrests, fines, and threats. At one point, the police shuttered the gym. The owners even lost their operating license. The owners rejected the concept of essential and non-essential businesses at the hands of politicians. They reopened. This went on and on.

They went onto News12:

Ian Smith landed on Tucker, and he continued to reopen. They became local folk heroes, and the customers kept coming. No one got sick, and the owners kept their gym spotless.

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