911 Calls From Uvalde Children Pleading for Help That Never Came


Children in Uvalde in the Robb Elementary School, who were locked in with the killer, called 911 begging for help. During the police press conference, the spokesperson said the 911 operator did not inform the police that the children were alive with the killer. In another presser, Gov. Abbott said he “was misled” in part by the police and he is “livid about what happened.” He called it “inexcusable”.


The latest information is that the commander on the scene told the police to wait for the Border Patrol SWAT team. He believed that the situation had changed from an active shooter to a hostage situation. He didn’t know that the children were at risk. Certainly, in the least, it’s tragic. It was an error. We want to wait for more facts to come in before we say too much more. Reporting is still evolving. Nonetheless, we must say that what is especially horrifying from today’s press conference is to hear that children were calling 911 on their cells begging for help and help didn’t come.

Texas DPS confirmed that the Uvalde ISD Police chief violated active shooter training when he made the call to prevent officers from breaching the door and killing Ramos as soon as possible.

It’s extremely frustrating to hear that they didn’t try to surround the building and get in to kill the murderous 18-year-old who went into the classroom shooting, saying, “You’re all going to die.” One child said he played dead and so did other classmates. He isn’t even looking forward to uniting with his friends who were there.

Apparently, a teacher propped open the door at 1:27, and the killer entered through that door at 1:33. A tragic error.

It seems like a perfect storm of incompetence, bad judgment, and evil.

The children were supposed to graduate this week.



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Ronald Harms
Ronald Harms
1 year ago

Blame the gun right?

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

This is one of those events which is so flagrant that is serves as a test of a person’s judgement. Enforcement has been lying about the event, including to the governor. The response was incredibly irresponsible. Standard training of an active fire situation with victims inside is to act immediately, not be spectators. Police actually prevented rescues.

For the Border Patrol to finally ignore the orders of the police and feds, and end the situation, is incredibly embarrassing to the police and feds.

The killer had been proclaiming he would shoot up a school. Yet he was allowed to possess weapons. This looks like a planned event. The school had frequent lockdowns, yet a door was unlocked? By now, important evidence has been destroyed, and we will likely never know who blocked the rescues.