Screaming and Cursing Outside the NRA Convention


Drew Hernandez posted clips of the gun control radicals who want to take guns away from normal Americans who wouldn’t hurt and don’t hurt anyone – they are The Misinformed. The Left has spent the past two days blaming everyone – innocent people – except the killer for the horrific crimes in Uvalde.

They are terribly misinformed. As Professor and researcher John Lott wrote in Newsweek it is not true that America is the only country that has these mass shootings.

“Since 1998, there have been a total of nine attacks similar to the Robb Elementary School shooting. Nine is nine too many. But once you adjust for population, there are many other countries, from Germany to Russia to Finland, that have comparable rates of school shootings,” Lott wrote.

As Lott says, what Biden suggests won’t help.

“Biden says that we need common-sense gun laws, but what he proposes simply will not help. He doesn’t seem to realize that over 92% of violent crime in America has nothing to do with guns. Focusing on so-called “assault weapons” is not only not going to stop mass public shootings, but it won’t make a difference in reducing murders at large.”

These screaming radicals are the same barbaric people who want to kill babies moments from birth for any reason. They are the people who don’t care about open borders which bring in dangerous drugs and sex trafficked women and children. Where are these people when 28 people are shot in two days in Chicago? I’m not buying their outrage – what do you think?


Guns Don’t Shoot On Their Own

Don’t buy into the idea that guns are to blame for these deaths. If you look into the Uvalde killer’s discipline record, we bet you’ll find plenty that should have been acted on with more seriousness. He reportedly told people for years that he wanted to shoot up the school.

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11 months ago

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. Liberals constantly prove this.

1 year ago

Screaming and cursing in the streets seems to be a DemCom lifestyle.

1 year ago

The globalist sponsored anarchy fringe of Western Civilization, screaming and cursing, “Full of Sound and Fury, signifying . . . . .nothing.

Ronald Harms
Ronald Harms
1 year ago

We need lunatic control. End of story.