95K Anonymous Illegal Aliens Will March to the USA This Saturday


Univision reported Monday that over 95,000 migrants are expected to form the “Caravana Madre” (mother caravan) to march through Mexico to the United States beginning this weekend.

The Biden administration said they are almost ready to follow the law and return illegal aliens to Mexico. But, don’t believe it. They were supposed to do it months ago.

So far, there has been no COV testing or vaccinations of invaders.

The migrants are now in the southern Mexican border town of Tapachula, located near the border with Guatemala where they are scheduled to start their march to the U.S. border with Mexico on Saturday, October 23 at 6 a.m. local time. It’s about 1500 miles away and DHS chief Mayorkas is doing nothing.

The migrants are said to be a mix of Haitians and Central Americans.

Fox just reported that 30,000 in Panama, a known terrorist crossing, are waiting to leave. So far, Panama found 52 terrorists in the mob.

We have no idea who these people are, but we do know that the Biden administration is furthering crime and enabling transnational gangs to get a foothold in the United States. Biden is criminally aiding and abetting them.

Illegal aliens, mostly unaccompanied children are coming into Long Island in the middle of the night via LaGuardia Airport. How many will be trafficked? It is clear that the people sponsoring them are not screened. The changing demographics are changing our politics. Conservative Long Island is becoming leftist Long Island.

This is going on throughout the nation. Watch:

Activists point out that the coming caravan would be “the mother” of all the caravans and would confirm the comments expressed by Mayorkas at the end of September.

Playing into the absurd propaganda Biden puts out, Caravan leader Garcia said, “Look, the US government should focus more on the reasons why people migrate. Especially knowing that in Honduras the gang is the State, it is a warehouse for drug trafficking destined for the United States. People in the countries are falling apart, that’s why they flee. No one is conspiring against anyone. Intelligence has to discover the reasons for the flight and demand that governments, like Mexico’s, respect the law, “he said.

The USA should not be in the business of taking in every struggling person in the world or solving their problems. The entire world is a mess. Shall we destroy ourselves and just keep doing this? The Biden administration knows this of course. They simply want votes and a permanent electoral majority. Watch:

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