OSHA to Employers: No Requirement to Report Vaccine Side Effects


OSHA will not enforce 29 CFR 1904’s recording requirements to require any employers to record worker side effects from COVID-19 vaccination.


The government wants us to trust them and then does very suspicious things as follows. OSHA will not enforce their own rules requiring employers to record worker side effects from the vaccine.

Obviously, if the employers don’t have to, they won’t. It’s a liability waiver.

This sounds like plausible deniability. What are they hiding?

Biden’s administration is forcing workers to get the vaccination but is also telling employers to hide its side effects. But…it’s about your health???



  1. Can someone please ask why Congress, Senate, White House, CDC, FDA, Judiciary, USPS, etc. are all exempt ?????? something stinks bad about mandates for you but not for me !!!!!

  2. Well well well, Fully Vaccinated DHS Chief Mayorkas Tests Positive For Covid – Days After Attending Event with Joe Biden, I wonder if he passed on the covid to others at the White House or did the White house give it to him ???

  3. The Government knows the Vaccines don’t work, but they have keep the Covid Hoax alive to steal the 2022 Election.

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