McAuliffe Wants to Be Governor by Pushing Fake Abortion Information


Former failed governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe, now running for the same position again, doesn’t think parents should have a say in their child’s schooling. But he believes he has a path to victor — lying.

If his opponent Mr. Youngkin is elected, McAuliffe said women won’t be able to get abortions. Some people won’t get endless freebies either. He shared his concerns on fake news CNN.

“I’ve spent most of this campaign, if you look at my advertising, what I say on the trail, there’s huge differences, Kate, in this campaign. I’m for raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks and for paid family medical leave. I’m for paid sick leave.”

“Glenn Youngkin is against every one of those.

“He wants to ban abortions. He got caught on tape saying he will go on offense to ban abortion and defund Planned Parenthood. And Kate, now, after what we’ve seen in Texas with the Trump Supreme Court, if Glenn Youngkin is elected governor, abortions will cease here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Women’s right to choose will be gone. That’s what I talk about every single day,” he told leftist activists CNN.

The thing about it is we are running out of money and Planned Parenthood makes enough on abortions to flourish without government money. The governor does not have the power to end abortions in any way. McAuliffe is lying.


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