A 1-Seat Majority! What If a “Geriatric Old Fart Strokes Out?”


Kevin McCarthy said he will resign from the House at the end of December. Like so many of these congresspeople, he doesn’t care about the country at all. It’s all about agendas, prestige, and money.

So, we lost Santos’s seat. Democrat Suozzi will run and get that seat. In the meantime, there is no one in it.

Bill Johnson decided to leave for another job next month, leaving the seat vacant. That gives us a two-seat majority.

McCarthy leaves, giving us a one-seat majority. The former Speaker said that his friends will go after Matt Gaetz when the ethics complaint against him is satisfied.

That could leave us a no-seat majority.

As Joey Mannarino said, they’re a “bunch of idiots.” In some cases, they’re also selfish and not putting the country first. He now says, “they’re the dumbest political party in history.”

Joey Mannarino responded immediately to the news.

“Kevin McCarthy is the most selfish piece of dung on planet earth. The man knows we have a three-seat Republican majority and is now going to retire at the end of this month. So, since Republicans acted weak and booted Santos, we are down to a two-seat majority. So now, when Bill Johnson retires next month, we will have a ONE SEAT majority. That means all it takes is one of these geriatric old farts in Congress to stroke out, and we lose our majority. The Republicans are the dumbest political party in the history of mankind.

“Kevin McCarthy was NEVER in it for the people. He was always in it for the power. He just said if he can’t be top dog, he’s going to take his bone and go home. Absolutely disgusting behavior.”

Let’s hope if a geriatric old fart croaks, it’s a Democrat.

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Trump Won
Trump Won
2 months ago

I apologize for being so cynical, but as far as I’m concerned, the useless republican party can all croak. They’ve proven time and again, they’re not putting America First.