A Depraved America Traffics Foreign Children Every Day


Jill Biden said her husband, Joe, would return decency to the White House. What we got instead was obscenity and trafficked foreign children. More than 85,000 children are missing.

“Every day, contractors escort infants, children, and minors from federal holding facilities to “sponsors” across America,” Muckraker says. “Many of these sponsors are human traffickers. According to the New York Times, under the Biden administration, roughly one-third of these children have gone missing. Many of these children end up in debt bondage, working in slave-like conditions in factories or on farms.”

“Every month, thousands of foreign children are trafficked into the United States. They are drugged and smuggled across the US-Mexico border, detained by border patrol, held in top-secret compounds, and finally, escorted to various locations across the country. Since 2021, 85,000 of these children have gone missing.

“This report exposes the entire child processing pipeline with irrefutable video evidence. Through exclusive footage, whistleblower testimony, and other documentation, Muckraker has exposed how the United States federal government is facilitating the largest child trafficking ring in the world.”

We’ve known this all along. Drugged children are brought through the border every day, and this administration aids and abets it so they can get their permanent electoral majority. We’re in the hands of demons.


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Victor Anderson
Victor Anderson
2 months ago

FUCK Joe Bidet !