Rep. Gaetz Demands Answers: Migrants Fly Anonymously


Republican congressman Matt Gaetz demands Delta Airlines investigate the alleged transport of anonymous illegal migrants from the southern border to the interior of the United States. Ashley St. Clair, who works for Seth Dillon, has filmed illegal aliens getting on planes with “no name given” where their name should be.

Do you think any American could get on a plane and not give a name?

Rep. Gaetz penned an open letter to Delta CEO Ed Bastion on Friday. He noted the “great concern” over the threat to national security due to the alleged policy.

Ashley St. Clair said she has copies of their boarding passes.

It has been going on for three years, and to some degree, it went on under Barack Obama.

Bill Melugin has spotted them also.

Rep. Gaetz stated that NGOs are using federal money to purchase flights for migrants who may not have passed verification checks, posing a security risk.

“Even more alarming than American taxpayers footing the bill for non-resident aliens to be transported into our communities is that they may not be properly vetted,” Gaetz wrote.

“I am concerned the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) may be allowing non-resident aliens to board flights, including those operated by Delta Airlines, with an alternate form of identification that meets a weaker standard than that used to verify the identities of American citizens.”

Gaetz wants to know:
  • How many non-resident aliens has Delta transported for the government or the NGOs?
  • How do NGOS purchase the tickets?
  • Is Delta receiving incentives?
  • Has the TSA notified him of what forms of ID are acceptable for non-resident aliens?

The Daily Mail suggests they came from non-sanctuary states like Texas, Florida, and Arizona, which are sending illegal aliens to sanctuary cities. Even if that’s true, the officials working for the White House are releasing them into the country, not governors.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 months ago

This cannot be called stupid leftist policies. This is a major organized criminal operation. We are paying the airlines to do this, they are making lots of money. We paid hospitals to kill and poison us. We are paying various orgs including Catholic Charities to invade us.

2 months ago

Get em!.
Gaetz is one of the sane good guys. Hammer em!.