A Good Start! Stanford Protesters Charged with Felonies


Is the pendulum swinging? On Wednesday, 13 Stanford students occupied the president’s and Provost’s offices and issued a list of demands. The protesters barricaded themselves inside and would only leave once their demands were met. They didn’t get what they wanted, but they got a lot more than they expected.

The Demands

“First, we demand a divestment is put on the agenda of the board of trustees meeting on June 12th and 13th Second, we demand that Stanford disclose their 2022 financial year investments. Finally, we demand amnesty for all student protesters on Stanford’s campus.

The administration wisely called the police. The police broke through the door and arrested all 13 students.

Seniors were told they would not graduate and everyone who was a current student would be suspended.


According to the Stanford Daily,  the students have now been charged with felonies. They were charged with felony burglary. They are banned from campus for the rest of the quarter until June 12th, as the university processes disciplinary referrals. Bail for arrested individuals was set at $20,000. Will Biden’s aides and Kamala Harris set up a bail fund for them?

The students probably didn’t expect to be charged with felonies. This will only work if the school doesn’t back down to parents and their lawyers.

Stanford has been particularly victimized by these pro-Hamas protesters. They have vandalized dozens of places with curses and death threats against police, America and Israel. The group behind the occupation said they had nothing to do with that. They obviously don’t want to get charged with more felonies or have to pay for the damage.

They are now being called the Stanford 13 to glamorize what they’ve done and try to protect themselves. Lies worked in the past.

Stanford is one of the schools that just reinstituted the SAT or ACT, which seems to show that it’s taking normal steps instead of the crazy ones it’s been taking.

The NY Times omitted photos of the graffiti because they are a brazenly corrupt paper, nothing but propaganda.

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