Democrats Are Panicking, Nothing Stops Trump, Even Conviction


Democrats have used every imaginable tactic to rid themselves of Donald Trump. They thought they finally got him. Surely, the “convicted felon” will lose to the demented one now. Maybe not. Donald Trump raised $400 million in a week.

Democrats are getting scared.

After Donald Trump’s conviction of some crime, whatever it is, a Guardian author said,

“We got him … Hopefully, this will be the beginning of the end of this grifter … This is the beginning of the end, folks,” the man, who identified himself as Bill Christeson, told reporters.

The end, not yet, Guardian. Do you think we will all go away? You are stupid, aren’t you?

On MSNBC, Rachel Maddow read off a list of past polls suggesting a goodly percentage of Trump supporters might change their votes now that he’s been criminally convicted.

She then read off the headline on NPR, saying the conviction made little difference.

That’s right. We’re not voting for the senile old commie.

Now, Democrats like Hillary Clinton are comparing Donald Trump and his supporters to Hitler while they try to destroy our Bill of Rights, the justice system, and every executive agency.

They want to imprison him, and we’ll still vote for him. They think they might be able to imprison him for using his free speech. They are constantly looking for ways to take him out of commission. He threatens their socialist “democracy.”

Leftists want to blame Biden’s age and ignore his total incompetence and far-left ideology. It’s not his age. He’s the worst president in US history.

Jen Psaki, Joe Biden, and Jill suddenly don’t believe in polls. They are trying to imprison Trump for an NDA – not a crime, for allegedly sleeping with Stormy – not a crime if it even happened, violating FEC regulations by paying for an NDA with his own money – not a crime.

Anyway, he’s not convicted, he’s a justice-impacted individual.

Everyone can see it, whether they admit it or not. That only makes us more adamant. If he has to run the government from prison, so be it.

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