A Historic Day as We Spend $100M to Protect a Nation – Not Ours


Another historic day. The US is building five military bases for Somalia.

The US is helping Somalia secure its nation. It is to protect their borders while ours are wide open, and Texas has to pay for a wall and military base to protect its border. The Biden administration is giving Somalia $100 million for this.

Impoverished Islamic nation with terrorists running amok.

According to Assistant Secretary Phee, US support to the Danab Brigade is a centerpiece of our ongoing security cooperation with Somalia.” The construction of the new bases “reflects our recognition of the success of our joint efforts to build a capable, professional, and accountable force.”

In 2017, The US and Somalia agreed to recruit, train, equip, and mentor 3000 men and women from across Somalia to build an enduring light Infantry. Nothing against the Danab Brigade, but if the past is prologue, we will train terrorists because Somalia is full of them, and we have a history of missing them when we train and equip, beginning with Osama bin Laden.

Somalia is considered a failed nation.

Perhaps Representative Ilhan Omar is correct. We are here for Somalia, not the United States.

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