A Message of Hope


by Dr. Steve

For those who celebrate Christmas, I hope you are enjoying a blessed, spiritual, and rewarding holiday.

No matter what House of Worship you call home, we can still count our blessings. Let’s tell all those who made our life so wonderful and rewarding this past year, how much we love & appreciate them.

Besides my amazing medical team, at the risk of leaving someone out, I still want to thank my “cancer support team”. It was headed of course by my incredible wife of 58 years, who took on the daunting, behind-the-scenes role as my primary caretaker 24/7. How she remembered all my medications (22 pills a day) as well as my weekly, sometimes daily, medical appointments is anyone’s guess. I can’t imagine what she went through dealing with midnight trips to the ER with the side effects of my chemo. And of course our Nashville family, even with their really busy schedule.

There were three Nashvillians who sometimes went unnoticed. So I’d like to recognize them now:

1- Rabbi Yitchok Tiechtel, the brilliant, spiritual leader of our synagogue, The Chabad of Nashville. He and his wife Esther, introduced me to my new “partners” in this journey. GOD and Family held me up when I couldn’t walk alone.

2- Nashville’s two newspaper luminaries, Anthony Cunningham , the fearless Editor and Publisher of The News Organization, and David Plazas, Opinion Editor of The Tennessean, who I really got to know quite well. They took my mind off my dire medical prognosis by providing me with a forum to present my political “rants”. I can’t thank them enough.

During this holiday, our prayers must include all of those who are suffering from Covid as well as the tornado and flood victims in Kentucky and Tennessee.

I found making a “Gratitude List” a daunting task. But I just had to delve a little deeper and my problems were never as bad as many others were facing.

Y’al have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Next year will be a better one, one Christmas, one New Year’s celebration at a time.

Cancer taught me to “unwrap each healthy day as if it were a precious gift”.

GOD Bless America

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