UN Might Hire the Terrorist Taliban to Guard Their Facilities


The UN is considering hiring the wretched creatures of the Taliban to defend its facilities. That is not satire.

Reuters reportedThe United Nations is proposing to pay nearly $6 million for protection in Afghanistan to Taliban-run Interior Ministry personnel, whose chief is under U.N. and U.S. sanctions and wanted by the FBI, according to a U.N. document and a source familiar with the matter.

The UN is concerned about the security of its building in Kabul. Instead of sending a peacekeeping force, they will bribe the gangsters to not destroy their facility.

The UN claims they have to do it because the Taliban are running out of money and can’t pay the guards. Maybe they should sell all the military equipment Biden left for them.

It’s likely not legal, as ZeroHedge reports:

But then this raises the question (and deeply awkward, ironic situation) of the proposed payments constituting a violation of existing US and UN sanctions.

Of course, the UN is claiming it would not, while without doubt now trying to find legal loopholes around the situation, such as ensuring the funds do not flow through official Taliban leadership and departments, but are [paid] out directly to the guards stationed at UN facilities.

The UN will get away with it because no one really cares about the law. They just want to dump Afghanistan and the Taliban.

Even Brandon’s disastrous pullout seems to be ignored or “forgotten”.

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