Mayor Scott: Ban Photos/Video of the “Traumatizing” Bridge


A reporter asked Baltimore Mayor Scott for his thoughts after the Francis Scott Key bridge collapsed following a cargo ship crashing into it.

“Well, listen, we have an unspeakable tragedy. We know that this vessel struck the bridge, and the bridge collapsed. There were individuals working on the bridge at that time. There are cars in the water. Our fire department has confirmed that, as they lead this ongoing search and rescue mission through sonar, that is where our focus is.

“It’s about those souls and people that we’re trying to find and get out of this water. We know that there’s going to be questions about the bridge and traffic and the port, but right now everyone in this world’s focus should be about these souls and those families who are wondering if these people are going to walk back in the door …”

The reporter asked him what his first thoughts were when he saw the pictures.

“Well, it was something out of an action movie. It’s something you never think you would see, and being here right now, looking at it is even more surreal, and it just makes you think about, again, those families, those individuals that were on that bridge, those folks there, even on that that vessel even more.

“Because no one should have to endure, and I’m going to be the first to ask that CNN and everyone else stop showing the video. No one needs to see the possibility of their family member being severely injured or otherwise over and over and over again because it’s just traumatizing our community.”

That has to be the stupidest thing I have heard in a while.

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