A New Era of News: Twitreport.com 


A New Era of News: Twitreport.com

by Robert T

Reading your local newspaper was the only way to stay informed before the internet revolution. Either that, or you had to sit next to the radio all day.

We’ve come a long way from those days. Now, the news is consumed via podcasts, social media, YouTube, and online publications. In fact, there are an estimated 1 billion websites on the internet today.
But with technology comes hassle. You spend more time sifting through your sources than digesting information. And when breaking news hits the scene, you’re not only forced to choose from dozens of sources, you box yourself into reading from a single perspective.
It’s impossible to stay organized. Or, let alone, verify the information you’re getting.
What if there was a way to condense it all? You could stay informed with the simplicity of the original newspaper, yet enjoy the wealth of sources on the internet. Getting the news you need could be easy as scrolling at a single location.
Twitreport has bridged this gap between simplicity and technology. Twitreport rakes in the latest updates, stories, and breaking news from over 190+ Twitter sources into a single, streamlined feed. The site automatically updates with tweets from reputable names like The Washington Times, Judicial Watch, The Post Millenial, and individuals like Elon Musk, Rand Paul, and Dinesh D’Souza. This user-friendly but innovative approach to media aggregation puts you on the cutting-edge of news—all in one place, all at one time.
Twitreport is community-driven, too. Users can request sources with over 100,000 followers to be added to the feed.
The site isn’t jumbled with browser pop-ups like legacy media websites. In fact, the user interface looks like any old Twitter feed on your mobile interface. Twitreport is designed with simplicity in mind and features a single column that news tweets are fed into. This creates a news source with all of the information and none of the clutter. You’ll never flip flop between browser tabs again.
Get your news the intelligent way. Bookmark Twitreport on your browser at www.twitreport.com to stay informed in the most efficient way possible.

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