A Non-White Supremacist Kills an Asian Father of 2 in NYC


As the new mayor of New York City says he hired his brother as deputy NYPD commissioner to protect against white supremacists, black men continue to attack Asian and Jewish people.

Where is the Left who cares so much about Asians?

Yao Pan Ma, an immigrant from China, was left in a coma after the brutal assault in April, and he died last week. The police called the attack a hate crime, and Ma, 61, had been on a ventilator and was hospitalized since the assault occurred in East Harlem. Now he’s dead.

What do all these people have in common — they are all non-white supremacists:

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Egalitarian Sewer Pipe
Egalitarian Sewer Pipe
1 year ago

The left only cares about comrades out to burn it all down by any means necessary.

Dee Dee
Dee Dee
1 year ago

Catch and release, arrest and release, it’s all the same. When you know there are no consequences, this is the result. Congratulations, Democrats, you got what you wanted – chaos and anarchy in the streets. How long before your puppets turn on you?

1 year ago

Well with all these Soros picked D A’s and Socialist Mayors these cities will be turning to crap and they will be leaving in droves. Then these thugs and commies can have it all their way. But of course they’ll be begging the feds to bail them out when all their tax revenue leaves.