A Simple Question for Nations & Pols Afraid to Confront Iran’s Quest For Nukes


We’d like to offer a simple but extremely critical question for all those who are, when it comes to Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, shuffling towards appeasement.

Whether you’re congenitally conciliatory Europeans, Trump-hating Democrats, anti-Trump Republicans,  Libertarians, genuine believers in all war being bad, or those who only protest war when it serves their political purpose, we are asking this:

Given the nervous, itchy fingered Iranian military’s use of surface to air missiles to blow up a commercial airliner, killing 176 innocents including 100 of their own; would you really want this dangerous, rogue outlier nation to have intercontinental ballistic missiles armed with nuclear war heads?

Actually, if possible, it might be even more informative to by-pass the usual pearl-clutching, international, intellectuals and ask the same question of anonymous Iranians.  With the latest misuse of relatively small missiles resulting in a greatly disproportionate death of friends and neighbors, why would they want to risk Armageddon at the hands of their own crazy, incompetent leaders?

Watching recent demonstrations against the Ayatollah, it would be better if the world’s highbrow appeasers took a deep breath, laid aside their pearls, and rallied behind those courageous Iranians.

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