A Stay Bans California Gun Carriers From Almost Everywhere


Even licensed gun carriers will be banned from most places in California despite the Court ruling it is unconstitutional.

A stay issued by a federal appeals court – at least temporarily – undoes a lower court ruling against the state’s sweeping new restrictions. The order allowed the state’s new “gun-free zones,” which cover most public places and even private stores, to go into effect at midnight on Monday.

It will remain in effect until the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals panel hears the case challenging Senate Bill 2.

The Supreme Court struck down the subjective processes for issuing concealed carry licenses used by California and a handful of other states in 2022’s New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen. The Court ruled carrying a gun in public for self-defense was protected by the Second Amendment and couldn’t be denied based on the subjective determinations of government officials.

However, the Left never gives up and often doesn’t abide by court rulings they don’t like.

Judge Carney’s Ruling

Judge Carney ruled California’s new restrictions were so numerous and broad that they amounted to a total shutdown of legal gun carry. He said most places considered gun-free under the law existed when the Constitution was signed.

California officials were very unhappy with Judge Carney’s ruling. Attorney General Rob Bonta (D.) argued his decision would make the state “less safe” by “allowing guns in places where families and children gather,” even though the ruling didn’t change how California previously regulated gun carry.

Conversely, Governor Gavin Newsom (D.) celebrated the stay of Carney’s “dangerous ruling.”

There is a lot of opposition to this stay. Go to The Reload for more details.

When Democrats are in complete control – when their new Democrats can vote – Americans won’t have free speech, the right to free assembly, and religion will be subjugated to the State, only politicians and criminals will have guns, privacy will be gone, and that’s only the beginning.

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