A Taliban negotiator says it’s not too late


A Taliban negotiator provided insight into dealing with the terrorist group. He said they tend to do what they say, but diplomacy alone does not work. The big difference is now there is no force to back it up. The key is to have the carrot and the stick.

We are pulling out and there is no leverage to have discussions.

He is deeply concerned that the way we left is a problem. Without the strength of force, you can’t negotiate.

We have an obligation to Americans and our allies in the nation, he said.

When Americans leave, they leave on our terms and with strength. The Taliban is a terrorist group but we can threaten them with strength and force. We are the United States of America and we cannot leave like this, abandoning Americans and people who helped us.

He doesn’t think it’s too late if we show our strength. We can’t leave with our tail between our legs.


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