A Third Mysterious Object Spotted Over Northern Canada


Update: US and Canadian jets shot it down over the Yukon.

Another high-altitude object was spotted flying over northern Canada. It looks like NORAD woke up from its long slumber.

They still can’t identify the last strange flying thing they blew up yesterday. Jets flew around it to ensure it was safe to blow up.

It was flying over Alaska at the time. The object was a high-altitude, balloon-like, silver-grey object with no visible propulsion.

This new object is also mysterious, and jets are on their way to inspect it.

Fighter jets were dispatched to examine it. Although, we are pretty sure we know who it is and what it is.

Santa in his sleigh

The memes keep coming:

We have green lasers, spy balloons, and strange objects the size of Volkswagens overhead. Meanwhile, Joe is destroying the economy and our borders, and he’s getting us into World War III.

In any case, they better stop shooting down any flying object they see.

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