WaPo Makes Fools of Themselves, Lying About a Hispanic Woman


The Washington Post (WaPo) made complete fools of themselves by trying to smear Rep. Anna Paulina Luna. Rep. Luna’s unforgivable crime is to be a bright Republican Hispanic woman.

WaPo has had to issue at least three corrections to their smear piece so far. You can’t believe anything they say. The fact-checkers torched them for their false reporting as soon as they published it.

They ignored most of an interview with Rep. Luna’s mother, who could have clarified the many things they got wrong.

WaPo incorrectly reported her voting record. And they claimed she lied about her heritage based on the absurd criteria that distant relatives felt like they recalled her father was Catholic, not Jewish (he was Jewish, as Mrs. Luna said).

WaPo “reporters” reported gossip – no principles, no standards.

Rep. Luna says in the clip below: “I have documentation and photos of my father at synagogue. My mother confirmed this to The Washington Post. But again, they don’t want people like me to have credibility. And so what they try to do is attack the reputation. Mind you, this is also a few days after, though, I went after Yoel Roth and Twitter for exposing them as being joint state actors,” she pointed out.

Watch her explanation:


She’s a courageous woman and a staunch defender of freedom and the border patrol. The article was about petty activism and vengeance.

The Washington Post smeared her as a fake who only “embraced” her Hispanic heritage to run for office and who was secretly a Democrat based on voter registration data.

They got their information from estranged second cousins and alleged acquaintances from Luna’s time in the Air Force. They used scant evidence.

In one section, they tried to prove she didn’t previously embrace her Hispanic heritage, as evidenced by her not joining the Hispanic club during her stationing at Whiteman AFB.

Honestly, that’s what they said.

She also likes designer clothes, and that’s apparently not Hispanic enough. Only AOC can be a well-dressed Hispanic. That is so insulting and condescending.

The WaPo buffoons even tried to say she lied about a break-in of her apartment because she called it a home invasion. I’ve been robbed, and it’s a terrible violation.

The garbage newspaper insinuated that Luna had lied about her father being in jail, and her allies provided documents proving she was telling the truth (Fox News).

The trashy article even questioned the stories of her childhood and her father’s imprisonment.

Fox News also proved her father was in prison after WaPo said he wasn’t.

This is yellow journalism at its worst. They were trying to make her a female George Santos. I’m not even sure what they say about him is all true.

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