A Warning About Ukraine as a Trigger for WWIII


by a reader

The reporting seems to promote the Ukraine story as heroic, but it may be more dangerous for the world. While it may seem patriotic and worthy of praise that Zelensky decided to ARM 10, 000 civilians with weapons, but what chance do they have?

At least one report showed a young woman holding an AK during an interview. When the images of hundreds of civilians are scattered among the streets, it will be a real-life “incubator” moment.

It could very well bring in such a rise in emotions throughout the world that it would result in an escalation involving many countries.

How close then is WWIII?

People are so full of emotion right now, without considering the consequences, that it will likely bubble up to leaders who will be forced by the public to take action. This is certainly the wrong time for people to get highly emotional, but the media is gorging people on it.


Don’t let anyone drive you to call for war. The U.S. can’t afford it and we have incompetents in charge. We’d never win and would face destitution and subjugation. And don’t believe everything you see.

A social media fact-checker is spreading fake news. The clip is from 2021 and he forgot to remove the timestamp. First seen at USA Supreme.

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