A Woman’s Right to Choose at Any Point in the Child’s Life Up Next


How do we get to the point where a woman says this about a child? I’m not sure if she meant it, but she sure sounds like she does. This is horrific to me. This is a human being and she’s talking about murder. A mother doesn’t get to kill a human being she gave birth to, period.

She’s not choosing. That’s a euphemism. She’s murdering if she kills a human being.

There are times when a parent has to abort a baby, but it should be rare and necessary, not based on gender as one example. It seems we are possibly moving on to actual murder. It’s not a gigantic leap from late-term abortion.

The US already has the most extreme abortion laws in the world. There is no end that’s why we need limits.

This came from Lila Rose’s Twitter site:

These are the limits for ten other countries. Don’t doubt that we are extreme (Canada, North Korea, South Korea, China, and Vietnam have evil laws like ours).
Russia 12 weeks
Thailand 12 weeks
Cambodia 14 weeks
Spain 14 weeks
France 14 weeks
Germany 14 weeks
Sweden 18  weeks
Italy 13 weeks
Ireland 12 weeks
Iceland 22 weeks

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