ABC News Poll: GOP Congressional Candidates Hold Largest Lead in 40 Years


ABC News reports that Republicans have an early and strong lead over Democrats for the upcoming elections. ABC hates the Right which gives this report a bit more weight.

Republican congressional candidates currently hold their largest lead in midterm election vote preferences in ABC News/Washington Post polls dating back 40 years, ABC News reports.

While a year is a lifetime in politics, the Democratic Party’s difficulties are deep; they include soaring economic discontent, a president who’s fallen 12 percentage points underwater in job approval, and a broad sense that the party is out of touch with the concerns of most Americans — 62% say so.

They found economic discontent was a top issue.

Independents, often swing voters in national elections, favor GOP candidates by 50-32 percent; they voted +12 points Democratic in 2018. Moderates divide closely, +6 points for Democratic candidates, 48-42 percent, as opposed to +26 points in 2018. Suburban voters favor Republicans by 54-39 percent, rural voters by a broad 66-26 percent. The Democratic advantage among urban residents, 52-38 percent, again is well off their 2018 result.

Demonstrating the role of the economy, those who say it’s in excellent or good shape favor Democratic candidates by 75-19 percent. But among the broad majority who say it’s in worse shape than that – not so good or poor – Republican candidates are favored, 63-28 percent.

Republican advantages in two core groups – non-college-educated white men and women, are more than 20 points broader now than in 2018. And another heartening result for Republicans is among Hispanics: They favor Democrats, but by just a 15-point margin, 49-34 percent.


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