ABC News Revives a 6 Month Old Story to Bash DONALD TRUMP


The RNC warned Donald Trump that they stop paying his legal bills if he runs for the presidency blares the headlines of the lamestream media. ABC News claims Republicans are worried he will hurt their chances in the midterm elections by announcing too soon. The only interesting thing in this story is it’s six months old and resuscitated as an excuse to trash DJT using the Jon Karl book of fake news.

Allegedly, some anonymous Republicans told ABC they were worried he’d announce before November, hurting their chances.

It would be foolish for DJT to announce before the elections; hopefully, he won’t.

The RNC has paid $2 million since October for his legal bills. The payments would stop due to their neutrality policy which keeps them from taking sides in the presidential primary.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel said in January that they have to remain neutral.

ABC News decided that now is the time to report it again. This is January news. It’s a six month old tale.

Ronna McDaniel said in January that Donald Trump is still the party’s leader, and she would not comment for this report. Trump’s reps didn’t respond to the report either. Why should they? It’s from six months ago.

ABC is simply looking for a nasty headline and an excuse to bash DJT.

The outlet then went into Jonathan Karl’s nasty book, Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show. The book alleges that Trump told McDaniel he was leaving the Republican Party and forming his own. Karl then claims he backed down because McDaniel allegedly said she’d stop paying his legal bills. How convenient for his fake book.

Both Trump and McDaniel denied the report.

The sum of $2 million is not enough for DJT to care. It’s hardly enough to sway his opinion. DJT didn’t even rely on the usual corrupt donors for his election campaign. It’s not likely he will let this stop him.

This is another hit piece with no evidence.

The one caveat, however, is that if Merrick Garland or the prosecutors in Georgia decide to arrest him as an October surprise, it could be very costly.

I do believe they will arrest and prosecute him. The trials would be in DC and Fulton County, where he can’t possibly get a fair shake.

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