NIMBY Mayor Bowser Wants the National Guard Indefinitely for Illegals


The DC mayor, who rejected the National Guard for the Jan. 6th riot, wants National Guard to cover the humanitarian crisis of illegal aliens coming to DC.

Muriel Bowser, speaker at the Global Citizen

The mayor has pushed for illegal aliens to enter the country illegally as a human rights issue. Now that she got what she wanted, she asked the DC National Guard to assist with what she called a “humanitarian crisis.”

Bowser asks that the DC Armory be used as a processing center, and DC National Guard resources be used to help field migrants as they arrive by bus. She’s redistributing the costs to the federal taxpayer.

Bowser has only gotten 5,000 in three months. More than 8,000 a day have poured in during the same time period.

Biden has allowed millions of illegal aliens to pour in, but a few thousand require the national guard if it’s in a blue area.

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