ABC Promotes Drag Queen In Insane Conversation


ABC’s Gio Benitez interviewed the season 9 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Alexander “Sasha Velour” Hedges Steinberg, on the Saturday edition of Good Morning America. They gave him a platform to say people who are anti-drag are groomers. There was no pushback from the ABC interviewer.

Steinberg expressed his belief that drag is somehow a superior existence and the anti-drag, anti-trans [not the same thing] people are the ones trying to groom children.

Benitez asked about his book about life as a drag queen. “And you’re here as an author this morning because of this book you’ve written this memoir, and you felt it was really important as a drag queen to be writing this story here because you’re looking at the history of drag in this country.”

It “arrives at a time when we’re seeing this wave of anti-drag laws being introduced in this country,” he continued.

“What do you want to say to people right now?” he asked.

Anti-Drag Is Grooming

“I want to say that drag is freedom; drag preaches non-judgment, especially towards queer and trans people, but to everyone. We should have freedom over our bodies and how we dress and how we move and how we dance and dream, and I think anyone who finds that threatening is missing the larger point,” Steinberg replied.

Steinberg continued, “– it’s actually the anti-drag and anti-trans people who are trying to groom and shape their children to feel shame, and drag is an antidote to that shame. We want people to experience pride in themselves, joy, and have fun in this life. Life is hard. We got to dress up and make it all that we can.”

Keep telling yourself that Steinberg.

By the way, a man who dresses as a woman isn’t necessarily trans. They are two very different things.

They Belong on Earth

Steinberg said the “criminalization of drag” was “oppression…tied to racism and misogyny….”

[Drag queen performances for adults are one thing, but those for children are another.]

He said people in drag “belong on this earth,” making himself the ultimate victim. No one’s talking about taking them off the earth. Making himself a victim only works with the far left.

Are you sick of all the leftist victims yet?


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8 months ago

Democrats and their supports have gone mad and must be Neutralized. They have been grooming our children to be stupid for 2 generations. Committing them to Mental Institutions is preferred, but there are just too many of them. Others measures are needed if they continue to be a threat to civilized society.

Releasing the COVID Bio Weapon was crossing a line, but then requiring a “Shot”, that was potentially more Dangerous, just proves the Halls of Government are infused with Psychopaths. We are facing a Generation of Anarchist who want to do anything they want and it must be their way or the Highway. They want to damn Civilization to Hell with nothing to replace it. Their whole concept of life is unsustainable, they produce nothing and only consume. They are young children in adult bodies. Modern society became too complicated and they just Lost Contact with Reality. Life requires work to exist and Liberals just want to play like they are children, with everyone else supporting their desires and needs. I don’t know what else you can call their actions, it’s like a Zombie Apocalypse. Break out the Chain Saws and Bear Traps.

We don’t need a Civil War to stop these people. We just need to cut off supplies to the Big Blue Cities for two months. The Big Blue Cities no longer produce things, they just consume. If they Starve, we win!