Statistics Show the Transgender Murder Wave Is Manufactured


  • There aren’t large numbers of transgenders murdered due to hate crimes.
  • The murders are not getting worse; they’re going down.
  • Trans people are more likely to murder than be murdered.
  • Murders of trans are for typical reasons – substance abuse, accidents of space and time, crimes of passion.
The Left uses transgenders to push an agenda. The constant refrain that there is a murderous crime wave against transgenders is not true.

Few transgender people are murdered, and even fewer are murdered due to a hate crimes. Generally, they’re murdered for common reasons, including being in the wrong time and place, drugs, alcohol, and crimes of passion.

The numbers are not getting worse.

In 2021, only two murders of transgender people were investigated as hate crimes. That was out of 44 transgender deaths that year.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has recorded the number of murders of transgenders since 2013.  Even HRC admitted that up to 74 percent of the transgender murders that have taken place since 2013 were committed by a friend or intimate partner.

HRC claims there is an epidemic of murders of transgenders, and it’s getting worse. Their own statistics disprove it. The number of murders of transgenders went down to 32 last year, and roughly, only eight were not by a friend or intimate.

Of 1.6 million adults and youth identifying as “transgender,” only a tiny fraction are murdered. The smallest of numbers can be attributed to “hate.”

According to HRC, 32 transgender people were killed in the United States in 2022. Of the 32, 59% were black. Black people have a higher incidence of committing hate crimes.

For example:

In 2021, out of 331.45 million Americans, 251.82 million were white, and 44.83 million were black or African American. Roughly 69% of Americans are white, and roughly 13% are black or African American.

According to

Of the 6,312 known offenders of all hate crimes in 2021:

  • 56.1% were White, underrepresented in the population.
  • 21.3% were Black or African American, overrepresented in the population.
  • 13.5% race unknown

Blacks or African Americans are overrepresented as offenders of hate crimes.

Only 15 trans people have been killed by police, some while incarcerated in jails, prisons, or ICE detention centers since 2013. That includes two this year.

The HRC report doesn’t mention the actions the trans people were engaged in when killed. Since law enforcement officers were not convicted of crimes, the police were possibly reacting to a crime by the trans person.

Transgender People Are More Likely to Murder Than Be Murdered

According to a report from analysts in the UK that tracked their violent crime, the numbers taken between 2007 and 2017 found that transgender people were 58 percent more likely to murder than be murdered.

Consider the recent mass murders by trans people. The Colorado Springs shooter self-identified as non-binary. The Denver shooter self-identified as trans. The Aberdeen shooter self-identified as trans. The Nashville shooter self-identified as trans or gender fluid.

Trans people often consider suicide.

According to the National Library of Medicine, 82% of transgender individuals consider killing themselves. Of the 82%, 40 percent have tried to kill themselves. That statistic gets higher the younger the transgender person is. The Nashville killer was suicidal.

According to Rebel News, Montgomery County Public Schools is Maryland’s largest public school district. They recorded a 582% increase in the number of students who identify as gender non-confirming in only two years. Indoctrination works. How many transgenders were indoctrinated into the lifestyle? That should be investigated since indoctrination can cause mental issues. We also don’t know what gender-affirming drugs do to their psyche.

The big question is, ‘are they getting the right kind of help’ now that we are normalizing it when so many have other issues?

A number of these stats were first seen in

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