Abortions Are Down More Than 50% Due to TX Heartbeat Law


Abortions in Texas fell by more than half since the Texas Heartbeat Law went into effect. It’s a law that might not stand, but for now, it’s possibly saving lives. However, some women are undoubtedly going to another state to have abortions. Hopefully, it’s giving some women time to rethink the situation.

Abortion should be rare and difficult. It’s not an acceptable form of birth control. It’s the termination of human life.

How could anything that saves babies be bad? Black babies are the majority of abortions followed by Hispanics. If you criticize the termination of unborn minority babies, radicalized leftists will tell you that you’re racist.

The Times:

In September, after Texas enacted the most restrictive abortion ban in the nation, the number of legal abortions performed there dropped 50 percent from the same month in 2020, according to data released Friday by a group of researchers at the University of Texas at Austin.

The Texas law bans abortions after cardiac activity can be detected, which is generally when women are around six weeks pregnant. No prior Texas abortion restriction has been followed by a drop so steep. But it is also smaller than many experts predicted. Before the ban, 84 percent of people seeking abortions in Texas were more than six weeks pregnant at their appointment, according to previous research from the same group, the Texas Policy Evaluation Project. It evaluates the effect of Texas legislation on reproductive health and has been independently tallying abortions in the state since 2017.

The article predicts all kinds of misfortunes will result, impacting poor minorities who can’t afford to travel to another state. Somehow that doesn’t ring true. It’s not very expensive to travel to another state by bus.

The authors also claim women who didn’t make the deadline are distraught.

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Archie im Das Bunker
Archie im Das Bunker
2 years ago

Red State has the pro life billboards along the interstate with the caption…there is scientific (muh science!) proof of God, with a newborn baby underneath.