Radical Dems Bring Bride’s Mom to Tears Because Sen Sinema’s Officiating


Senator Sinema was an officiant at the wedding of a woman’s daughter when a handful of disgusting, radical Democrats invaded. The woman, the mother of the bride, can be seen near tears begging them to not disrupt her daughter’s special day and to just let the wedding go forward.

How can we as Americans allow a sitting Senator and an innocent family to be treated in this abusive manner? It’s condoned by Democrats with their silence. The leftists were vulgar and should have been removed by the police.

The mother said she agreed with their point of view, but that didn’t deter them. The losers insulted them for allegedly being millionaires.

If that were me, I’d dig in my heels.

The Senator has been consistently abused and Democrats won’t put an end to it. These fascists will abuse anyone to get their way.

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