About 250,000 anonymous people poured into the US illegally in March


Rep. Clay Higgins was on Tucker’s show this evening to discuss the border. He said that when you consider the large numbers of illegals who are not caught by Border Patrol, about a quarter-million people crossed the border in March alone.

These numbers are transforming our country irrevocably.

This week, two Yemenis on the terror watchlist were caught and people are coming in from over 100 countries. Criminals are pouring in as well. Drugs and sex trafficking is unfettered.

No one gave Democrats a mandate to transform the nation, but they don’t care because they are tyrants run amok.




    • Notice that the USA is being destroyed and the corrupt coward China Mitch is busy praising Fauci. How stupid can people be to allow this to happen?

  1. Coups have consequences, in the case of the USA that consequence is its demise. Any major official, in any branch of government, or any state, who allowed this coup to happen, is complicit in the destruction of the nation.

  2. They won’t be in the shadows for very long as a CPUSA (demonRAT) voter care package was included.
    Don’t forget certain religious charities who are making a fortune off of all of this.
    Those comedians who mock GOD?
    They have him mixed up with organized religion.

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